Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kick-Off!!!! (Entry Dated 12/24/2006)

Have been thinking for a long time to really get into blogging, but so far it has been restricted to a thought only, one of the many items in my personal "to-do" list that I keep pushing back !! Well, well don't jump into conclusions thinking that I do not ever "do" anything at all....Well I have another list called "must-do" which I religiously follow and close on daily basis.....Want to know what is all there in that list.....well stuff that i call my survival kit - like cooking, cleaning, eating etc etc Boring...right !!!

Well, anyway coming back to the point. (I am getting into the habit of getting carried away these days ). So what was that which actually forced me to take the plunge? Actually I happened to go thru a blog of one of my colleagues yesterday night, and well, I sort of enjoyed reading parts of it. Thanks to her, I decided to start writing.

Well, I am almost a novice at the job, but I enjoy it, so I think I will get better. As far as my history goes, I have never been into any kind of writing, leaving apart the technical documents of course. And then there were these 2 partial books that I did, but the motivation was surely external. So, this seems to be officially my first attempt at writing non-tech stuff. Well, hold on.....there was something else as well....(see I have already started the journey to rediscovery) For quite a few of my growing up school and college, I used to have a "diary" which was the counterpart of blog in all those ancient times. Only it was not fashionable back then for the world to know what you are doing/thinking/happy/sad about. So diary was the secret window to ones feelings that many of us maintained and guarded it zealously against any intrusion !!!. Somewhere down the line, I stopped it, and see I had almost forgotten the existence of the diary as well. Now that I have remembered it, let me try and locate it and then I may be able to pull out long forgotten feelings which have remained frozen in time ....many years back....One of the strings of my journey to rediscovery of self....

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