Sunday, June 21, 2009

The journey begins.........(Entry dated 12/24/2006)

So finally kick-off is done!! Time to structure my thoughts and really try to figure out what I want to write about. I have termed this as a "rediscovery". Ideally rediscovery should be at late middle age when people have lived almost 3/4ths of their life and want to look back....For me there's time for it, so why now?

Well, I believe that I have forgotten what life is about, what it means to me, what I wanted from life, what were my ambitions. Now it is more of a day-day existence, just pulling myself through the office and at home....It has become more of a survival than living....just about being able to conclude the day rather then enjoy it. Is there a way out of this....I believe yes....As I look back and start rewinding into the more happier days that there were, I will definitely find out a purpose to life and "live" it rather than just "survive".

Was I always like this....may be partly yes. Though there are no reasons for the same, I am basically a more "sad" person than a "happy" one. May be I was made that way !!

Ok, so people, I suppose I have created enough curiosity for u to know the real me Well, may not be...u may be bored to death by now thinking what the hell is going on here and then go and look at the next blog....Either way, I think I will tell something about myself and my background now. I am a Bengali, only child of wonderful parents, whose world revolves around me. My father's family is from Noakhali distt of East Bengal. One of the numerous families who faced the brunt of partition, my family also had to migrate to West Bengal in those trying times of the 40s. There are hair raising tales that run in the family in terms of the challenges faced in their journey across the border......Most of us, who have seen all this only in TV serials and handful of movies, it all seems melodrama, but u really need to speak to people who have seen it all ....

Well so coming back to my father, it was not easy life for him and his siblings in India....They had to to through the harrowing times to reorganize their lives again. But then those days as they say were different....what mattered most was being with the family and sharing, rather than material delights.

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