Sunday, June 21, 2009

After time & completely out of context!!!! (Entry dated 04/03/2007 )

Good to revisit the blogs of long long ago....well it has been only about a month and a half but for a blog which is around 3 months old by itself, this is really a long time to be away!! Hope all of u missed me lots

Now excuse time....the post mortem of why we missed the targets......what all I didn't have which caused this long gap.(This part is real fun...this is what we keep doing all the time at work ). First of all I moved from I didn't have the precious commodity called "time". I was busy in all the formalities at office and home.....the legacy of 9 1/2 years at office was the more difficult part.....and then getting stuff packed, looking for an apartment in Delhi etc etc, are pretty draining in themselves, and I didn't have the luxury to slip into in my "weekend blog mood" and write. So I kept pushing it back to a time when I would be "settled" in Delhi.

And then the 1st week and half at work waiting for the life saving piece of equipment called laptop without which we feel like fish out of water....Then the next 2 weeks staying at maashi-mesho's place where there is no broadband connection. And then the next 2 weeks waiting for the other live saving drug - broadband Hopefully that will arrive sometime in very near future when I can go back to my weekly blogging schedule !!!

So much for excuses........Will get back to where I left sometime next week. This is a stop gap entry just to say Hi to all and "explain" my long absence...I read recently that dying of blogs is a very common phenomenon across the internet, as most people do not update the blogs after the first few entries !!! Well to reassure all and more so myself, that I am not going to add up to the growing community of dying blogs, felt compelled to communicate

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