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Dimapur continues………in school this time (Entry dated 02/04/2007)

This week I was not really in a frame of mind to write. I skipped my usual blogging routine- Friday and Saturday night, though I was online for long hours both the days...I am little tense, which is bound to continue for next few days....feeling a little jittery....But then the tranquil Sunday afternoon seems to have calmed down my nerves somewhat. So, I will not break the discipline of the weekly blogging, so soon at least It has been only 2 months since I started writing.

Came back from home (for those dumbos who still don't know, I mean Kolkata ) last Wednesday and it already seems a lifetime.....It was my first experience with fog induced delays. Somehow the visibility near home was pretty good and so the thought that flight might be delayed never crossed my mind when I was starting from home around 7 .00 am. And then I had the (now) misplaced trust in Air Deccan which would notify via sms in case of flight delays. With 2 failed attempts to hire taxi....the first one failing when the car rental fellow failed to turned up(again first experience on this aspect never happened earlier!!!) and then the 2nd taxi needed to be pushed by 4 people to start it and I refused to take a chance as I had a flight to catch....Finally the third attempt was successful and the taxi driver, under much pressure, maneuvered narrow bylanes in the "short" route to airport to reach well before time. Only to discover that there is thick cover of fog around airport and all flights are delayed by times ranging from 1 to 3 hours It was really disgusting. My only concern was that the flight should somehow reach Mumbai and not get cancelled.....this is always the worry with budget airlines. Anyway, the flight did finally land in Mumbai and I reached office very late in the afternoon.

The rest of the days in the week have been really hectic, trying to cover up time lost during the leave, and things have become very difficult with me being single person army

Anyway, this is life, things will continue....Let me get back to my Dimapur days once again. I was at the threshold of my entry into academics, my first school. Mostly for 90% of people once they get into a school, they complete the entire academic career from there only, till the HS exams. For me, it was not going to be the case...Holy Cross was the first of the 4 schools across which my school life has spanned. Last week I was telling about my rejection of School-I in favour of Holy Cross....Since then I have rejected number of options in my life at number of cross roads, when I had to a take decision....I have never looked back at them...I have this principle in life "Never regret your decisions". I have mostly stood by this principle, and have believed that whatever decision one takes at a point of time is the best that could have been possible, and it was what was destined to be. It has helped me at all times, so far. But there is one aspect, where my resolve seems to wavering, I have started thinking at times, may be the decisions were not the best ones that could have been taken at those point of times. Not a positive thought, I know, once you start looking back and doubting previous decision, the whole life seems to be a mistake, which no one can ever correct

Sorry about that, got into kind of retrospection....diverting from the primary storyline.... So How was 1st day at school....Among the Class of around 70 students in LKG-A(Yes this was my class), I was among the bravest 3 who were not wailing away to glory . I don't remember what were the names of my fellow bravery award winners were, there was a girl and a boy. So the first day went off pretty well, for me that way. And then onwards started the daily grind of getting ready in the morning and going out. It seems I was very reluctant to walk any bit while coming and going to school, so mostly one of my parents had to carry me (poor them ). Don't look at me like that yaar, I was only 4 yrs old then !!!! And also did I mention, school was within walking distance from where we stayed.

So my mother had another full time job from the time I started going to school....pulling me out of bed, getting me ready, and then dropping me to school every morning. In the first year i.e., LKG, she used to carry my tiffin in the lunch hour, feed me, and wait till the final bells went off, taking me back home. From these days, I had my first best friend- Paromita. There were quite a few other friends as well, none of whose names I remember today unfortunately. I do remember some faint faces though..... It was a fairly cosmopolitan environment, the majority being local ethnic people, with a fair smattering of Bengali and Assamese people. There were minorities of other North Indians and South Indians as well. And the most interesting aspect of Dimapur, was the common language of communication... Any guesses?...Yes, tell me - Hindi? No wrong answer...Another last chance ...English? No wrong again. Let me give you the correct answer...It was a khichdi language called "Nagamese", which was a mixture of Assamese, some hindi and some tribal languages. But why do we need a khichdi language to exist at all, what about the local State we have Tamil in Tamil nadu, bangla in West Bengal and so on....Well, Nagaland is inhabited by large number of tribes, each of them distinct in language, culture, and habits.....There is no "common" or "majority" language for the state. That's why nagamese was born and it fitted the bill of the "unofficial" "official" language of Nagaland pretty well !!!

So in school, offices, markets, nagamese was the de-facto language of communication. I picked up my first lessons in nagamese at school and in no time was pretty fluent at it....Again unfortunately I don't remember a word of it today....

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