Sunday, June 21, 2009

Growing up - School days at Barrackpore (Entry dated 09/12/2008 )

I joined in Class - 3, in Barrackpore KV in Air Force Station. I do remember quite a few classmates from that time - first name I remember if of Vandana, who was the monitor and became my very good friend for some time. But with KVs, students keep moving in and out frequently, due to their parents getting transferred to some other much so that by the time I left this school in Class-9, there were hardly 4-5 students who still remained from that Class I joined in 1983....

Then there were Soma, Anamika, Swati, Sharmila, Sharmishtha, Tuhin....some of the names I can recall right away.... I also have a photograph of this Class with many of the names written on the back of it....I don't have it here with me, but at home in Kolkata.... Off late have got in touch with 2-3 of my classmates of this era...courtesy of course of Orkut....Would definitely like to get in touch with more school mates ...its interesting to find out how their lives have shaped out over the years....

So year after year....went by as I progressed from one Class to other. Met some very good teachers on the way - many of whom I still remember fondly..

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