Sunday, June 21, 2009

Same old boring weekend - 2nd in Jan '07(Entry dated 01/13/2007)

Hi people....Has been a hectic week, then which one is not and anyway I prefer it this way only. Had travelled to Chennai for a day, and rest of the week was regular. 2 team members left this week and another one announced his plans to it was a somewhat emotionally and otherwise draining as well......

Today also was a little tiring with my weekly chores, weekly shopping, and then the movie screening in the evening. First time in my 9 years with this company, a screening like this was arranged - 2 shows for the entire team. The movie was "Guru", which I liked a lot. 2 reasons - of course Abhishek Bachchan and second- loved the concept, could identify completely with it...It talks about going all out to achieve goals in life and at the end of the day if you are successful and helping others being happy as well, doesn't matter if you have broken some rules here and there....Rather I think u need to break some rules to be successful, it is boring to be conventional and sticking to time tested measures and then the achievement levels are also average - nothing out of the way....Well don't jump to conclusions folks... I am not saying that I am into some rule-breaking activity ....I am quite law abiding citizen when it comes to it... but really to dream of some path braking stuff some day....Well this is my professional persona speaking....The other part is completely confused and in a extreme turmoil, with no direction in life altogether

Some friends who have been reading this blog have termed it to be "depressing" at times....Well I know was one of those depressing weekends that i initiated this really try and look back into what life has been for me so far, the checks and balance and what have I gained and lost. Hopefully, we progress, the blog will get less and less depressing and so would be my life

So last week, I left you all in the company of elephants in one of those scary dark nights in a small camp called gorubathan in North bengal, where my father and his colleagues were busy looking for Copper and Zinc deposits. The first 3 years of my life were spent there....the blissful years, when there is only love all around - no challenges, no pressures, no hassles, no school, no expectations....Let me tell you all that my mother is a great cook and my father's colleagues and their families still remember her fabulous lunch and dinners at the gorubathan camp.....(Well this information was just thrown suddenly, but I think I needed to tell u folks sometime soon anyway, so now is the time. Well, there are lots more that I would like to tell about my parents...wait patiently, things will slowly unfold !!!!)

The next destination in my journey was Dimapur - a small town in the distant North eastern state of India - Nagaland. The posting to Dimapur from Gorubathan was not a very good news for my father and us, but anyway, he has always taken things in his stride and moved on in life. He already had difficult posting like Andaman and patna before marriage. Dimapur was a challenge, as no one knew much about the place ......But north east as such was not new for us, my mother being from Agartala and then we had relatives in Shillong in Meghalaya as well...

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