Sunday, June 21, 2009

Quite a Hectic Week - but should not let go of my new weekly ritual :) (Entry Dated 01/07/2007)

So another week gone time flies....days into weeks into months into years....and poof...the entire lifetime is gone There is so little time and so much to do in life...But wait, there is this whole idea of "desire" and "will" to do something...People who really want to do stuff do make them happen in spite of all the limitations of life, and people like me, do have big dreams and want to do a lot, but it when it comes to really going for it, I am too lazy....But am I really lazy, or is it something else....I work hard in office, really go after things to complete projects, but the same is not true in personal life. I am mostly self motivated professionally, but in my personal life, I need constant motivation, to do "other" things. So u may ask, why is this so. Am I made of 2 different personalities - one at work and other outside of it......Mostly it is true and I have lately started thinking on this aspect. This would have something to do with my rediscovery....I believe things would unfold as I go about my let us hold it for now and continue with the previous thread.

Well, I was talking about my parents, mostly their growing up years, and the time window had advanced to my birth. As I mentioned before it was the happiest day of my parents life.....on second thoughts....would tone that down a bit ...One of the happier days of their lives....It was 9th November XXXX....well lets not bother about the year....Age is all in our minds.....You are only as old as you feel (It is different matter altogether that mostly I feel much older than my age !!!!)

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